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What is article 18 of the Universal Declaration ?

Article 18 guarantees freedom of religion or belief is guaranteed (Universal Declaration of #humanrights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, declaration on the elimination of all forms of Intolerance and of discrimination).

In a world that is changing with disruotive #innovation and #artificialintelligence based systems, there is also a need for a more #humanappraoch.

- Did you know that as early as 2015, former Secretary General of Amnesty International asked the question of what we have been asking for +5 years in #ai4good in political and peacebuilding affairs ?

The question is: what do we want technology for ? What society model do we want to reinforce, build ? and for whom ?

With the challenges of the #digitaldivide - between the North and The South, between groups of individuals (indigenous, minorities, unrepresented groups, affected populations, etc.) - and the polarization of western societies, bringing back beauty, our world heritage and a sense of meaning is of paramount importance.

Spread the world if you know inspiring photographs !

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