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UN General Assembly and Security Council veto - Resolution 76/262

The reform of the United Nations system when it comes to the veto right of members of the Security Council has long been discussed and proposals have been made.

As recalled yesterday by the Secretary General António Guterres, the United Nations were created in the 1945 world and reflected the political dynamics of this period of time. Since then other countries and regions have had an increase role e.g., BRICS and African continent.

We also have seen more and more use of the vero rights and difficulties to find soultions at the Security Council level due to polarization, reshape of the world's political and economic influences.

Yesterday, the United Nations General Assembly voted unanimously the Resolution 76/262.

What is resolution 76/262 and what does it do ?

This resolution is a rule that would automatically trigger a General Assembly meeting if any of the Security Council's five veto-wielding members use that power to block a resolution.

The meeting should be held automatically within 10 days, if the veto is used in the Security Council by one of its five permanent members.

What does it reflect?

The increased power of private states e.g. #gafam, #techactors, the threats and risks of #artificialintelligence for #humanrights, the military equilibrium, the instability due to economic crises and the high number of #conflict.

There is currently a need for #multilateralism and to rethink it. There is a need for diplomacy, for talking and fort acking positive actions to rethink the world.

Most generations had to commit to values and core principles.

It is a time where we need to reaffirm our stand for #peace, #multilateralism , #humanrights, #internationallaw while building this new world.

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