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Virginie MARTINS de NOBREGA is an international lawyer and consultant with a 15-year atypcial career at the intersect of the public and private sectors for the Sustainale Development Goals - mainly SDG 5, 9, 10,13,16 and 17.


She has worked on a wide range of issues spamming all aspects of conflict resolution and prevention, innovation, and politial and legal affairs, including diplomacy, for the United Nations, the European Commission, CAC 40 companies (international finance, management consulting, oil & gas, IT) and law firms including the US law firm Reed Smith LLP. 


​​​She is a seasoned professional experienced and skilled in working on cross-cutting issues providing strategic insights and sharp analyses. 


During her studies, she became convinced that profits are compatible with a sustainable approach taking into consideration the social and environmental impacts of any activities (#sustainableprofits). She has worked in a innovative Green Initiative Task Force for a CAC company as early as 2004. And for the last 15 years, she has always integrated sustainability in her approach.  


She pioneered research on Artificial Intelligence and frontier technologies for the SDGs at the intersect of global governance, public policies, human rights, human-centered approach, design thinking and the role of the international community the digital public era leading to intervene at the first European AI Conference for the Public Sector organized by Hewlett Packard Enterprises in 2018.


Since then, she spoke at +20 international conferences (Dubai, Sweden, India, Egypt, Belgium, France…) including for Women in AI, the NYU Center on International Collaboration, MKAI, the Word AI Show (list here). 


She writes columns and opinions for e-media platforms (France, India, Switzerland and USA) and for Think Tanks on Ethical and Responsible Artificial Intelligence for the #SDGs

Today, she still maintains a rich and varied portfolio of activities. You can see the services here


She co-chairs of the Intercultural Sub-Committee of the International Mediation Institute since 2015. She is also a Board member. 


She has also always been very active for the last +15 years advocating for issues around Innovation, Human Rights, Progress for All, and the Environment writing weekly posts or articles on her LinkedIn page.

She has also been very active supporting organizations, professionals and youth since launching Creative Resolution.  She mentors peers on business ideation and development, as well as in leadership and career plan. She delivers talks on leadership and mentor graduate and post-graduate students on career and leardership. Such organizations includes the European Leadership Programme. 

You can learn more reading her interview here

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