I have always been attracted to work at the intersect of issues and disciplines at international level with multicutural teams. I thrive in connecting the dots, having a systemic vision and supporting the seed and ideation stages of projects by asking the right questions, identifying the gaps and providing my insights and ideas. 

Early on, I wanted to have as many experiences as possible in various countries and environments to have a 360° experiment of the stakes and challenges of the stakeholders in international affairs and international development. 


I have evolved from litigation and international justice to conflict resolution and prevention, strategy and innovation management - always motivated by Global Peace and Progress for all. 

All of this is connected by my passion to solve global political and social complex-problems : understanding, envisionning and providing insights, it's fascinating to me when it is for clients with a strong ESG approach, a strong business ethics and looking to contribute to the Common Good and the SDGs. 

Looking forward to collaborating with you. 


Virginie MARTINS de NOBREGA is an attorney at law at the Paris Bar, an accredited mediator acting also as a senior international consultant and expert for international organizations e.g. United Nations agencies, social entrepreneurs and companies, not-for-profits and beneficiaries. 

She founded a niche firm (2012) rebranded CREATIVE RESOLUTION (2015) to provide analyses, legal  and strategy consultations, offer representation, including advocacy, to its clients towards a pragmatic resolution of their challenges.   

She works around 4 core expertises

  • Analysis 

  • Strategy

  • Consultation

  • Advocacy and Representation 

She works in 4 main areas

  • Artificial Intelligence and frontier technologies for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals since 2018

  • Conflicts Resolution and Prevention

  • Law, Human Rights and International Development

  • Multi-culturality Management and Understanding 

She is a contributor writting opinions and articles around Artificial Intelligence for e-Communities e.g., The Good AI and Think Tanks.  All her articles are also available on her blog or on her LinkedIn page

She has worked and lived on 3 continents and 5 countries so far.

She works in French and English and is proficient in Spanish. She understands Portuguese. 

What is her approach ? 


Hands-on, human-centered, transdisciplinary grounded in law, ethical leadership and business acumen.  

What is her educational background ? 

International law studies completed with executive studies in management, innovation and international development, as well as conflict and peace studies. 

  • EMPA - EMMIO, SDA Bocconi School of  Management (2018) - Research on Artificial Intelligence and frontier technologies for the SDGs (global governance, risks and opportunities, ethical and Human Rights issues including bias, diversity and transparency, policy and strategy framework of analysis). 

  • Licence to practice Law, France (2011)

  • Winner of the International French Speaking Mediation Competion (2011)

  • Junior Researcher, Ph.D Candidate (2004-2007) - Reconnecting competition law with economic and social rights for sustainable profits. 

  • Master 2 - International and EU law (2004)

  • Master 1 - International and EU law (2003)

  • Bachelor of Law - International and EU law, Philosophy and History of Law (2002)

  • Classes préparatoires HEC - Mathematics and Humanities (1997-1999)

Do you want to know more?

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