"I deliver talks, and conduct trainings and workshops, on the topics below mentioned providing a transdisciplinary approach enabling participants to gain insights and connect the dots sometimes on subjects that are not obvioulsy connected e.g., are human-centered AI and sustainable profits compatible ? are human-rights and ethical AI an ideology or a requirement in a digital era ?

I believe change comes by being creative and pushing boundaries of the possible, but also by being able to build bridges of understanding accross sectors, actors and fields of expertise.

We need to have a systemic, transdisciplinary and multi-cultural approach to grasp the complexity of today world's challenges - and its beauty -  to better work together for sustainability, the planet, children and global peace."


Recent Topics


Artificial Intelligence for Global Peace
Artificial Intelligence : Ethics and Human Rights
AI and the Public Sector : threat or opportunities?
Ethical and Responsible Artificial Intelligence for the SDGs
Ethical leadership in the Digital Era - Human-centered technologies
Conflict Resolution and Peace
The Sustainable Development Goals and Artificial Intelligence.
Recent Conferences

Artificial Intelligence - Ethics and Human Rights. 

Christ University India. 28 September 2021 (online)

Adaptable Intelligence: Could Artificial Intelligence be different to other technology waves? 

MKAI Inclusive AI Forum. 22 July 2021 (online).

AI solving sustainability challenges: SDG 2030

Women in AI Sweden. June 15th 2021 (online).


AI and Public Sector: combining to create smart and high-performance governments. 

World Artificial Intelligence Show. 31 May 2021. Egypt (online). 

How A.I can support the SDGs?

Women in A.I. 15 March 2021 (online).

OneAlpha Virtual IWD2021.

One Alpha. Oman (online).  


COVID-19's impact on international development organizations

African Forum of Artificial Intelligence For Health.  (online).

Mentoring to Advance Women’s Professional Development.

United Nations WE EMPOWER - G7 Programme. 28 October 2020 (online).

AI Policy Exchange Expert Vlogging Series 1.0 made.

AI Policy Exchange. 10 September 2020 (online).

Mobilizing AI and Data Science to understand and support Gender inclusive Covid-19 Action

African Forum of Artificial Intelligence For Health. 8 August 2020 (online).


Equality and inequalities: threats and opportunities with AI

World Artificial Intelligence Show. 10 July 2020. Dubai (online).


The role of AI in a Post-Pandemic World

World Artificial Intelligence Show. 7 July 2020. Jakarta (online).


Insights on ethics when building a career

JESC European Leadership Programme. 13 March 2020. Brussels.


AI applications in context

PERITIA. 13 MARS 2019. Brussels.


Humanism, ethics and innovation

PERITIA. 17 December 2019. Brussels (presentation attached on website).


AI and Justice

4th Annual European Public Sector Transformation Conference. 18 September 2018. Brussels.


EFFICIENCY in litigation, arbitration and ADR

3rd World Litigation Forum 2017 Europe. 21-22 June 2017. Brussels.


La médiation et le droit collaboratif ensemble : les nouveaux outils de l'avocat

Paris Bar commission for ADR. 19 March 2013. Paris.

Past trainings and lectures 

Leadership and managing intercultural teams

HEAD. Lecture. 2020 and 2021. Paris

Mediation : from understanding and analyzing conflicts to resolving them

HEAD. Lecture. 2016 to 2021. Paris.

ADR in France

Bar School HEDAC. June 2017. Versailles.


Legal aspects of Corporate Responsibility

Company Workshop. 2017. Paris.


Risques juridiques et intelligence économique dans la gestion de projets internationaux et multiculturels

Sciences Po Bordeaux. 21 January 2016. Bordeaux.

Le cadre légal de la médiation

DU CY Cergy Paris Université, Place de la Médiation. 12 December 2016. Paris.

Mediation in Track III and II contexts

Women peace negotiator’s training, International institute of peace and development studies.  7-10 December 2014. Bangkok.


L’art de la négociation

HEDIARD. 10 July 2013. France.

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Collective Intelligence in motion

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Virginie is a lawyer, mediator and international consultant. Her understanding on Ethical Artificial Intelligence with Human Rights is par excellence. Virginie addressed my students on the above topic and it was systematic and truly engaging. Virginie is approachable and has a solution to all complex problems and does it with a human touch. Thank you so much Virginie!


It was a pleasure to host Mrs. MARTINS de NOBREGA as an esteemed speaker at the World AI Show series in Oman, Dubai, Indonesia, Qatar, India. Virginie has shared great perspectives in the area of Ethical AI and the attendees gained good knowledge. Thank you and we look forward to hosting you in the future again.

FRANCK VERZEFE,  ENTREPRENEUR (one of the 30 innovators in Africa by WHO)

Virginie is passionate about tackling global challenges . Her interventions at the African Forum for Artificial Intelligence for Health provided a clear understanding of how we can mobilize AI and data science to understand and support gender inclusion and how to optimize public health systems.  

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Collective Intelligence in motion