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Deliver talks and keynote speech at conferences and in-house.

Design and deliver trainings. 

All participations, written or oral, are apolitical and do not reflect any personal political views. 



  • "What a sentient AI mirrors to mankind ?". The Global AI Ethics Institute. 10/22. 

  • “2022, l’heure des choix”,2022 Trends Report. Think Tank Institut Sapiens. 12/22 (English version available).

  • “Le choix de l’humain, du multilatéralisme et de l’innovation pour tous”, 2021 Trends Report. Think Tank Institut Sapiens. 12/21 (English version available). 

  • How technology and artificial intelligence are used to change societal paradigm?”. 05/22 (online).

  • “UN General Assembly and Security Council veto - Resolution 76/262”. 04/22 (online).

  • “International leadership in the digital era in the Humanitarian-Peace-Development nexus”. Oxford HR. 02/22 (online).

  • “Is Peace a dream or a reality in the AI international landscape?”. The Good AI. 09/21 (online).

  • “Is AI serving global peace? The UNESCO AI Recommendations”. The Good AI. 08/21 (online).

  • “Building Ethical and Inclusive AI Through Bottom-up Community Collaboration” (first 2 §). 05/20 (online).

  • “Is it Efficiency vs. Democracy in the name of Coronavirus?”, “Is nationalism necessary ‘a side effect’ of coronavirus?”. Limited COVID-19 series entitled What Society do we want? From geopolitics, political rights to AI applications. 03/20 (online).

  • “Is Ethical A.I. Even Possible?”. 03/19 (online).


  • Commenting on weekly articles (AI and war, AI regulation), Transformative or Traditional System CHANGR Podcast. USA, 05/22.

  • “Les enjeux géopolitiques de l’IA pour les droits de l’homme et le projet de l’UNESCO, 1er texte international”, L’Intelligence Artificielle, à quand un débat de société. Institut Sapiens, Live Web TV Conference, France, 06/03/21 (available on YouTube).

  • “Ethical and responsible AI”, Expert Vlogging Series 1.0. AI Policy Exchange. India, 09/10/20 (available on YouTube). 

  • Interview, PWN Paris, 06/20.

  • “Are INGO mergers the wave of the future?”, Group discussion. DevEx.2013 (online).

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