What I Do









My services are structured to provide you with a 360° support:

  • Evidence-based and multidisciplianry analysis to gain clarity.

  • Strategic insights and recommendations to put your vision into action and maximize your impact.

  • Consultation on legal, ethics and governance issues especially in Artificial Intelligence.

  • Expertise in multicultural and complex settings and conflicts to smartly resolve hurdles along the way. 

I have a sharp strategic thinking and a cross-functional vision enabling me to go up and down the ladder of abstraction, being able to see the big picture and the operational implications. I have knowledge and experience of international public actors and private actors enabling me to be agile and adapt. I thrive in international multicultural environments

I have always worked at the intersect of law and policies, social and ethical implications and business management/strategies in different contexts (United Nations system, Foundations, NGOs, Companies).

Depending of the mission, I work alone, with peers or I integrate your team.