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As a licensed lawyer, the fees are freely set in accordance with article 10 of the law n° 71-1130 of December, 31st 1971. 


The fees can be charged as follow: 

  • Flat rate

  • Hourly rate 

  • Hourly rate plus a contingency fee ("success fee") depending of the outcome of the case. 


Some factors may justify an extra fee (the urgency, the special nature of services provided, the importance of the case, new demands, etc.). Expenses and other legal costs are not included and should be paid separetly by the client. A retainer is usually asked upfront.


We operate in transparency with our clients. A fee agreement will be systematically proposed and signed prior to the completion of any due diligence and a written consent for additional fees will be requested. 

The first meeting is not charged if followed by a mandate of representation otherwise it will be charged and payment is expected the day of the first meeting. 

In conventional mediation, the fees are fixed depending of a set of factors (nature of the conflict, geographical scope, amount of the dispute, etc.) and in accordance with the policy of the center of mediation.  For judicial mediation, the fees are fixed by the judge.  

For international consultancies, fees depend on the mission and/or the TOR.  

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