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Leadership Talk for the European Leadership Programme (ELP)

On Friday 16th of March, the European Leadership Programme (ELP) Fellows had the opportunity to listen to Virginie MARTINS de NOBREGA, an international lawyer and mediator with +15 years of experience. During her career she had different experiences with the United Nations system and the European institutions 🇪🇺.

She is a great example of leadership for our Fellows, who had the possibility to learn a lot from her!

"The people around us will not often recognize the good we do, and if something is against our values, we should be ready to act."

Thank you European Leadership Programme (ELP) for having me once again for this cosy conversation on lessons learnt through the journey.
Over the years, I have been very humbled to have the possibility to give back by sharing experiences and lessons learnt with young professionals. This new cohort is full of promises with young professionals already inspired to drive change, to work at the intersect of issues and to be aligned with their values.
Congrats ! Thank you.

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