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Invest in Sustainability. The power of the SDGs.

Another stand from Unilever's CEO confirming a strong momentum and trend of the business community to invest and focus on SDGs.

This confirm a trend highlighted by a #PwC's survey in 2015.

I believe that everyone should be an activist for the SDGs, and therefore agree that corporations should stand for and contribute for sustainable business practices. I do also share that we should together help reach the SDGs with companies focusing on their core activities, as a start. But I do believe that the bottom line is public stakeholders should remain a cornerstone in this system.


See article here : Paul Polman: Now It Is up to the Business Leaders | Sustainia ( Paul Polman is calling on business leaders to become activists. The head of Unilever sets the new CEO agenda to be champions for sustainability in an interview with Sustainia.

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