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The value of Interculturality.

Why interculturality is important in Conflict Resolution and Prevention ?

Why is there a risk of homogeinization if we do not pay more attention to the ethical, social, human rights and societal implications of #artificialintelligence?

I may have already shared this video. If not, please have a look.

This video explains why in #conflictprevention and #conflictresolution conducting in-depth analysis and constant situational analysis taking into consideration the cultural peculiarities and using cultural matrixes is enriching and important, as well as to manage #interculturality.

Similarly, in #ai4good meaning conceiveing, designing, deploying AI-based systems with human-rights and human-centered approaches for the SDGs, we have been advocating for at least +4 years for having #diverseteam and for having a global mindset with a local approach when possible.

In the #hpd nexus, it has its challenges, but the willigness is there. Integrating the richness of culture and languages in #ai and frontier technologies is and will continue to be one the great challenges for #minorities, #indigenouspeoples and vulnerable groups.


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