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The 'Culture of Risk' in International Organizations and the need for a human-centered approach.

Feel free to invent, fail and reinvent" - Mrs. Christine LAGARDE

The Public Sector, and the U.N system (#UNReform), have been transforming themselves and conducting reforms to deliver better programs, activities and policies to reach the SDGs.

Yet, the culture of risk within public institutions is still not mainstreamed enough. Public servants (U.N, E.U and national authorities) should be indeed more encourage to innovate and fail.

The French report on #AI highlights that a 10% success rate is a high ratio.

Based on that, we should tapped more in the passion, dedication and ideas of our colleagues.

And we should redefine a narrative around the public sector, and the U.N system and international institutions, not to diminish or excuse our errors, failures and poor judgements in some situations, but to acknowledge our successes, our improvements, our commitment and the various impacts we do see.

Public institutions and actors are / need to be even more creative when it comes to technologies and innovation to sustain growth, development and build a narrative that reflects better their achievements, their successes, and therefore their commitment to what they stand for.

Call it positive reinforcement or a New Narrative For Sustainable Development.


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