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System failure...

...or looking most recently at climate change, post-covid 19 inequalities, AI's threats : we failed, we might fail, are we going to really fail ?

Not completely yet, but certainly everyone of us experienced failures in our career and personal lives.

In a Society that monetizes success in every success story or marketing feed, it is easy to forget that we, humans, fail. Today, I received a nice reminder in my mailbox from McKinsey, which I though might help us all.

So says Adam Grant, organizational psychology guru and professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. He admits to being “crushed” when, while interviewing for his first teaching job after graduate school, he was told that he wasn’t capable of teaching MBA students. Entrepreneurs who champion creativity and drive change in the world, he says, see failure not as a sign that their ideas are doomed but as a necessary step toward success. Today his résumé is 32 pages long, but he advocates creating a “failure résumé” detailing setbacks as a way of maintaining perspective and building resilience to adversity.


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