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Are all responsible and ethical #artificialintelligence needed ?

Photographs are made with the help of light, but what if portraits of people could be made with the sound of their voices? AI researchers have been working on reconstructing the face of a person using only a short audio recording of that person speaking, and the results are eerily impressive.
Artificial intelligence scientists at MIT’S Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) first published about an AI algorithm called Speech2Face in a paper back in 2019.

Scary or revolutionary ?
Needed ? Useful?
Are all responsible and ethical #artificialintelligence needed ?

📌 To the questions raised by Ashok Panikkar below: Are all responsible and #ethicalai needed? Should we create things just because we can (and check them by our prevailing ethical standards)?

Since 2017 my answer remain the same:
- No.
- Needs and contexts assessments a pre-requisite.

👉 Extract from my 2011 AI trends article:

"We must systematise detailed risk and opportunity analyses for AI applications each time these applications are extended to other sectors, to avoid AI applications that have already been tested being automatically deployed in another sector where they are not justified. Specifically, the French Data Protection Authority pointed out this requirement in its opinion on facial recognition. This should become a general and systematic principle."

The need based approached have been adopted internationally since 2009 by the United Nations, UNDP, UUNFPA, Microsoft, Ministries and the civil society.


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